The Devils Mile

Today I am putting my clients through my own version of CrossFit’s workout “The Devils Mile” It will test there cardiovascular endurance and will to succeed!

After the first group of clients did it this morning the time to beat is 29:46.

A really good time would be sub 30 min, but your average Joe should shoot for 35-40 min. Enjoy! :)

The Devils Mile

These exercise are to be done in order for time:

  1. 400 meters walking lunges
  2. 30 push ups
  3. 400 meters treadmill pushes
  4. 30 inverted rows
  5. 400 meters overhead farmers walk (45/25)
  6. 30 burpees
  7. 400 meters stair runs
  8. 30 full sit ups

Afterwards most of my clients and people who tried the workout thought it was a great challenge, but the next day I was getting a lot of hate texts and complaints on how sore their legs were. So watch out it will creep up on you!

Make sure to stretch and hydrate!