Muscle Building 2-A-Day

Welcome to my new 5 day trining split of 2 a day workouts. This training regimon is very hard on your body so be prepared to give your body the extra calories and sleep it needs to recover and have the ability to build muscle.

Below I will take you through everything I do from my meal timing to the tempo of my workouts to the supplements I take to get me through these tough workouts. Follow along as I blog my workouts on & upload video workouts to

Meal Timing

4am - Breakfast:
Mad Mass protein shake, 2 servings of oatmeal with brown sugar & 1% milk, glass of Orange Juice. 2 fish oil soft gels and a multi vitamin.
8am - Snack:
Greek Yogurt & a piece of fruit.
10am - Pre-Workout:
11am - Post Workout:
Weight gainer shake with juice, berries, frozen yogurt & creatine
1pm - Lunch:
Pasta or rice with protein.
4pm - Pre-Workout:
5pm - Post Workout:
Weight gainer shake with juice, berries, & frozen yogurt
8pm - Dinner:
Protein, rice or potatoes and vegetables
10pm - Snack:
_Cereal or fruit. Recovery Shake**


Weight Gainer:

  • Mad MassPre Workout
  • Jack3D Micro
  • Complex 5
  • C-4 (depending on the workout and how I feel)

Recovery System / Sleep Aid:

  • Muscle Pharm Bullet Proof Creatine - 5 creatine blend
  • Muscle Pharm Fish Oil
  • GNC Multi-Vitamin


Workouts Times are at 10am & 4pm each day, lasting 45-60 min. I also add in some Cardio, a 22.4 km bike ride to work and back everyday

Day 1 Morning - Legs

Foam roll 3min (SPARQ weighted vest)
Barbell Squats
3:1:1:1, 5X8-10
Barbell lunges
Stiff Legged Dead-lifts
2:0:3:1, 3X10
Leg Ext. (drop set)
1:1:2:0:, 3X8-8-8
Calf Raises
1;0;1;0, 3X12

Day 1 Afternoon - Shoulders

I’s, Y’s, & T’s, Internal & External rotation
Clean & Press
1;1;1;1;1;1;2, 5X5
Behind the head barbell press
1;1;2;1, 3X8
Kneeling Face Pulls
1;1;2;0, 3X10
Lateral raise
1;0;2;0, 3X10
Overhead lateral raise
2;0;2;0, 3X10
Barbell Shrugs (pyramid set)
1;0;1;0, 1X8-8-8-8-8

Day 2 Morning - Chest

Seated single arm external rotation 2X10 (wrist straps)
Incline dumbbell press
1;0;3;0, 4X8
Decline barbell press
1;0;3;0, 3X8
High-mid-low cable flyes
2;0;2;0, 3X10
Freemotion single arm “twist” press
1;0;2;0, 3X8
Hammer strength/Smyth Machine negatives
1;0;5;0, 2X10

Day 2 Afternoon - Triceps

1st set body weight
Weighted Dips
2;0;2;0, 5X8
Skull Crushers
1;0;2;0, 3X8
Rope Pushdowns (drop set)
2;0;2;0, 3X8-8-8
Overhead ext / French Press
2;0;2;0, 3X10
Single arm kickbacks
2;0;2;0, 3X10

Day 3 Morning - Back

Foam roll 3 min (GASP belt)
2;1;2;1, 5X8
Weighted Wide grip Pull ups
1;0;2;0, 3X10
Bent over rows
1;0;1;0, 3X8
Single arm Lat Pulls
1;1;1;0, 3X10
Hammer Strength negatives
1;1;5;0, 2X10
Weighted Band Lower back extension
2;0;2;0, 3X10

Day 3 Afternoon - Biceps

1st set 45 lbs bar weight 10-12 reps
Barbell Curls
1;1;2;1, 4X8
Reverse grip eze-bar curls
1;0;1;0, 3X8
Hammer curls
1;1;1;1, 3X10
Isolation curls
1;1;1;1, 3X10
Preacher Curls (drop set)
1;1;1;0, 2X8-8-8

Day 4 Morning - Back

CrossFit Workout / Circuit Workout / CORE - See the workout page of my website for the workout I do on this day.

Day 5 - Rest

You’ve earned it!