Ultimate Gym Playlist (Rap & Rock)

FACT: The majority of gym goers now workout with headphones on. I don’t think it’s that most commercial gyms now only play top 40 hits, but that fact that everybody has their own taste in music that pushes them to their max each and everyday. For this reason I’m making this list / blog with a list of my top played gym songs from my Gym iPod which I have had since 2010.

Sadly I don’t download a bunch of new music so don’t expect any new chart toppers, but rather old school beats, sick rhymes and loud rock. If you aren’t a fan of these genres find another blog to bash. I don’t stop you mid-set and critique your choice of listening to classical Beethoven while your squatting 225lbs for max reps. So here it is, the contents from iTunes transferred from my red iPod shuffle (that may explode if one more weight gets dropped on it). I hope you can add a couple of these to your playlist and get as hyped as I do when they come on. From 1-100 most played songs:

  1. Why Do we Fall- Motivational Song (YouTube it)
  2. Till I collapse- Eminem ft. Nate Dogg
  3. We Ready- Ya Boy
  4. Can’t Be Touched- Roy Jones Jr
  5. Hungry- Rob Bailey
  6. Put on (remix)- Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West
  7. Pop that- French Montana, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross
  8. How Bad do you want it?- Eric Church
  9. My Moment- DJ Drama ft. 2 Chainz, Meek Mill
  10. Sail- Awolnation
  11. Say What You Say- Eminem ft. Dr. Dre
  12. H.A.M.- Jay Z, kanye West
  13. When the Music Stops- Eminem ft D12
  14. Lowkey Poppin- Kid Ink
  15. Go To Sleep- Eminem ft. DMX, Obie Trice
  16. Soul Survivor- Young Jeezy
  17. Patiently Waiting- 50 Cent ft. Eminem
  18. Machine Head- Bush
  19. Hustler Music- Lil Wayne
  20. Hard Shit- Sam Adams
  21. I Disappear- Metallica
  22. Focused- Wale ft. Kid Cudi
  23. I don’t like- Chief Keef ft. Kanye West, Big Sean
  24. All Me- Drake ft. Big Sean & 2 Chainz
  25. Right Above It- Lil Wayne, Drake
  26. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt- Jay Z ft. Rick Ross
  27. Run This Town- Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Rihanna
  28. Hustle Hard- Ace hood, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross
  29. Notorious Thugs- Biggie Smalls
  30. JUICE- Drake
  31. Power- Kanye West
  32. Its Good- Lil Wayne, Drake, jadakiss
  33. Superstars- Ya Boy, E40
  34. Blessings- Big Sean, Drake, Kanye West
  35. For the Love of the Game- Pillar
  36. Like Dat- Stat Quo
  37. Places to go- 50 Cent
  38. Rap Game- Eminem ft. D12
  39. Last man Standing- Asher Roth
  40. We Own it- Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz
  41. Burn- Big Sean ft. Meek Mill
  42. Can’t get Right – The Game
  43. Warrior Pt. 2- Lloyd Banks ft. Eminem & 50 Cent
  44. Survival- Eminem
  45. Overtime- Ace Hood ft. Akon, t Pain
  46. Rabbit Run- Eminem
  47. Hell & back- Kid Ink
  48. Oh No- Lil Wayne
  49. The Champions Mindset- Kai Green
  50. Can’t Stop- Ace Hood
  51. Forever- Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem
  52. Love Me- Eminem ft. Obie Trice
  53. Enter Sandman- Metallica
  54. Wanna Know- Obie Trice
  55. Hustlin’- Rick Ross, Jay Z, Young Jeezy
  56. I Walk Alone- Saliva
  57. Don’t Push Me- 50 Cent ft. Lloyd Banks, Eminem
  58. Hurt Remix- TI ft. Jeezy
  59. All My Life- Ya Boy ft. The Game, Lil Wayne, Jay Rock
  60. LAX Files- The Game
  61. The City- Game
  62. Lady- Obie Trice ft. Eminem
  63. Fucking Problem- ASAP Rocky ft. Drake, Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz
  64. You Already Know- Lloyd Banks ft. 50 Cent & young Buck
  65. Galvanize- Chemical Brothers
  66. Sing for the Moment- Eminem
  67. Higher- The Game
  68. Red Nation- The Game ft. Lil Wayne
  69. Snitch- Obie Trice ft. Akon
  70. Get Right- Young Jeezy
  71. Git Up- D12
  72. Fight Music- D12
  73. Phenomenal- Eminem
  74. Victory- DJ Khaled ft. Nas
  75. Remember the Name- Fort Minor
  76. 10 Bands- Drake
  77. Seek & Destroy- Metallica
  78. All Gold Everything- Trinidad James, Jeezy, 2 Chainz
  79. Pressure- Belly ft. Genuine
  80. My Life- Game ft. Lil Wayne
  81. Work Magic- Lil Wayne
  82. In Da Club- 50 Cent
  83. I Luv It- Young Jeezy
  84. Gangsta Music- Young Jeezy
  85. Go Crazy- Young Jeezy ft. Jay Z
  86. Cant Hold Us- Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis
  87. Hold On- MGK ft. Young Jeezy
  88. Cashin’ Out- Cash Out, Akon, Jeezy, Fabolous
  89. The Winner- Drake
  90. Classical- Gucci Mane
  91. Stronger- Kanye West
  92. Click Click Boom- Saliva
  93. Clique- Kanye West, Big Sean, Jay Z
  94. Let Us Live- The Game ft. Christina Michelle
  95. New God Flow- Kanye West ft. Pusha T
  96. The Game- Moterhead
  97. Its Dark and Hell is Hot(Mike Tyson intro)- DMX
  98. Go Hard- DJ Khaled, Kanye West, T Pain
  99. Requiem For a Dream- Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack
  100. Imma Shine- Young Bloodz ft. nate Dogg

Please add your favorite song to the comments so I can get some new stuff for this playlist or if we like the same stuff THUMS UP!