Everything You Need to Squat More Efficiently

We go through everything from: Mobility, Warm-up, Bar setup, grip, bracing, depth, sets, tempo, gear and which squat best suits you? Please give it a watch and let me know what you like, what I missed or what you are having trouble with. If this video helps please give it a Like & Subscribe. Thanks

Full Day of Eating for Maintenance when Training

Here is a full day of nutrition for a healthy active lifestyle of a personal trainer. A breakdown of my calories and macronutrients. With some clips of my workout in there from my Pull day yesterday. Deadlifts, pull-ups, chin-ups, rows and bicep curls. Also Pre, intra and post workout supplement advice. Enjoy! Peaches & Cream Oatmeal…

Top 6 Tricep Exercises

Today I deceided to take you through half my arm workout and show you all my tricep exercises with full demo and explanation of each movement, angle, reps, and tempo of each exercise. I hope you can add some of this into your next workout.

2021 Choose Your Own Adventure Workout Jan 4/21

1. Calorie Row 2. Calorie Assault Bike 3. 0. 21mile run 4. Push-ups 5. Pull-ups 6. Squats 7. Box Jumps (24") 8. Lunges* (per leg) 9. Step Ups* (per leg) 10. Burpees 11. Wall Ball 12. Handstand Push-ups 13. Toes 2 Bar 14. Dips 15. Chin-ups 16. Bench Press 17. Bicep Curls 18. Skull Crushers 19. Shoulder Press 20. D-Ball Cleans…

Trainer Vlog #3 "Cleans, Arms & LOTS of Talking!" Dec 31/20

 Today I go over my "Intra" workout drink, Nike Metcon 6X vs. Nike Romaleos 3 lifters and lots of Goal setting talk going into 2021. I hope you had a "good" 2020 and Happy New Year, Let's BRING ON 2021!

Vlog #2 Deadlifts & Double Unders followed by Chest & Back Workout with a MAX OUT on Bench Press @ 225lbs Dec. 30/20

Today was a good day in the gym. I started off with a 10-15min dynamic warm up (not shown) including some empty bar work shown at the end. This primes the nervous system and stimulates the muscles to let them know they are about to go to work. 10min EMOM: 30 Zeus rope double unders 3 Deadlifts @ 250lbs 5 Sets: 5 bench press 8 bent over…

Trainer Vlog #1 September 30/20

Here is a day in the life of a personal trainer. Clients, meals, workout, blue jays game and some hockey to finish off the day. Really a day in the life of a true Canadian. Hope you all enjoy!

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Powered By 12 Fitness

From a captain and leader on and off the field Mitchell was an every sport star growing up! Now a retired CFL, CIS, MFL & Team Canada Football wide receiver & punt returner with a BSc in Kinesiology, Mitchell brings knowledge from trainers and coaches from across the country. He has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and is certified throught CanFit PRO as a specialized personal trainer, Crossfit Level 1, Precision Nutrition, TRX Coach, Olympic Lifting, Pregnancy & Postpartum Recovery & Life Coaching.

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