Aging Gracefully in the Gym...

As I approach my 40’s it is becoming more and more apparent that I can’t do what I once used to in the gym… This took some time to soak in and some creative hacks to get around… In this quick blog I hope to give all of you a couple tips and tricks to getting around father time without slowing down the progress. Lets keep those bodies looking young and feeling good into the later years of our life.


Rule #1:


The person who takes 10,000 steps a day will always be further ahead than the person who does 20k 2/3X/week.

This being said you are not going to recover like you used to so programming your week has to be done a little smarter. My workout routine looks something like this now when I’m out of baseball season:

Monday- High intensity Metcon (big lifts and cardio)

Tuesday – Heavy chest & back muscle building

Wednesday – Leg workout with some plyos & conditioning. (weight will vary deepening on how good I’m feeling)

Thursday – Shoulder workout (high volume light weight)

Friday – Arms & Calves (high volume sets of 20+)

Saturday – Metcon, Legs, Cleans with some gymnastics.

Sunday – Active Recovery, bike ride, snowboarding, hiking, or just some mobility watching football.

*I will also play rec hockey 2x/week as my cardio


Now when we talk about consistency this is week would be considered, very consistent. Now it isn’t always PERFECT, but I try to prioritize my workouts, schedule them into my days and it is a meeting with myself that I don’t miss. The intensity isn’t always where I would like it to be, but I don’t miss.


Rule #2:

LESS is sometimes MORE!!!

Now less is never more, but if you train too hard and can’t get out of bed the next day and miss your workout than yes less training the day before would have led to more volume throughout the week. Now I don’t always look at it as too much, but rather strategically placing my easier days (muscle build & lighter days) after my harder days. This gives my Central nervous system (CNS) a chance to recover. Shocking your CNS day after day can be very tough as your get older. So, breaking up the high intensity workout with lighter weight more volume training sessions can lead to more durability therefore more days in the gym.


Rule #3:


My body will always tell me what I can and can not do. If my hamstrings are so tight my lower back is being pulled in every direction then I should add in more mobility. If my elbow hurts from the bench press lets grab some lighter dumbbells and press that way today. My ego very rarely gets involved in my workouts now. I still like to push my body and I’m slowly learning there is a time and a place to push it. There is always a work around or scaled option that can be just as good or sometimes better. Changing up your routine can lead to new muscle activation and a better body.




All in all, I get my personal Training clients and myself to do a little less heavy lifting and little more lighter weights and higher volume. It is much easier on the joints, and you will be able to bounce back a lot quicker the next day. Put in the work and stay consistent throughout your journey and you will look good into your 50’s!


Now LET’S GO!!!

Coach Mitch


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