Gym Etiquette 101...

Gym Etiquette 101...

12 Rules to follow that will keep you in everybody’s good books at your gym.

These rules probably aren’t posted on your gym walls, but feel free to print this off and put it up in the washrooms & mirrors of your gym to HELP everybody become a better workout partner.

1.    Clean up your Weights: This is self explanatory, but some people at every gym still don’t seem to get it!

2.    Do NOT Giant Set in a Crowded Gym: Setting up at 5 different stations all over the gym when it is packed is just wrong. Don’t be so oblivious to your surroundings when your come at 5pm, the gym is crowded and you try to take over your territory. Every gym should have a sign that says “If you want to Giant set please come in between 8-11am or 1-4pm”

3.    No Curls in the Squat Rack: This is fine if there is nobody else in the gym or you give way to somebody who is actually getting ready to squat, but don’t set up shop for 3 sets of long bar curls when the rack of easy bars will give you the same pump. *This is allowed if you are curling over 135lbs

4.    Be Friendly, but keep your greetings to “Hi and a smile”: Nobody who is in the gym to actually “get fit” wants to hear your life story. Keep your convo’s short and sweet! Give compliments not critiques and always be polite! If you need to catch up with your buddy’s don’t use the bench press as a bar stool.

5.    No Phone calls: If you must take a call on your iPhone go into the change room or into a corner because you know your doing something wrong. Don’t sit on the bench and talk loud enough for everybody else to hear you over their headphones. If you pull out a black berry or an old flip phone expect somebody to throw it against the wall if its not connected to your headphones. 

6.    Honor the line at the Water Fountain: If you are filling up a 4L jug or your protein cup take a look behind you and make sure there isn’t somebody just looking for a quick sip in between sets.

7.    Offer a Spot: If you see somebody at a bench trying to make eye contact with everybody that walks by follow the code and go ask him if he needs a spot and one day he will return the favor to you!

8.    No Half Reps: Unless your the biggest guy in the gym and about to compete in in Mr. Olympia doing bottom half reps to stretch your chest out on the bench press there is no excuse not to take a little weight off and get a full range of motion. Nothing looks worse that somebody loading up the leg press and performing 1/4 reps. Your body will thank you in the long run. You are just cheating yourself!

9.    Never Interrupt a Set: “Yo how many sets you got left?” can wait until I re-rack my weights.

10.                  Help out the New Guys: If you see a new young guy struggling lend a hand. Don’t critique, just tell him “If you have any questions about anything don’t be afraid to ask.” This makes you a gym pro!

11.                  The Elliptical Machine is NOT an acceptable means of Cardio: Unless you have knee issues or are over 400lbs and your joints can’t handle it! There are NO other excuses for using these machines.

12.                  Mirrors are for checking out your Biceps, not applying your makeup or fixing your hair: If you need to re apply your lip stick so bad it can’t wait just go to the washroom. Or better yet if you are even carrying your lip balm or mascara with you while working out you are in the gym for the wrong reasons. Just a reminder that guys at the gym make fun of girls that do this. So next time rethink picking up a guy with one of his pet peeves. 

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