Charging What You're Worth as a Personal Trainer

This will be my 20th Year as a Personal Trainer...

This will be the 1st time I've changed my prices since I left the big globo gyms 7 years ago...



Well, the simple answer is that I want to make more money, but it goes much deeper than that....

Cost of living has gone up 25% in Canada. From rent to groceries and childcare. My website costs per month have quadrupled since I had it built in 2009. Google Workspace team has bumped small business pages price by 50% this year. Parking cost in downtown Calgary is $500/month and the list goes on… From $2000 Courses to better myself and get Continuing Education, to my streaming services that I use in the gym for music and TV… Shit has gotten expensive!

The main kicker is my experience though… After 20 years I believe that the service that I offer is well worth the price. I came from a poor farm family where money wasn’t plentiful and hard work was abundant! So if something is going to cost a lot of money it better be worth investing in! I hope to give clients more than just a trainer when they come in for their sessions. It should be the best part of somebody’s day! I enjoy being in the gym and I’m excited that I can make a living helping other achieve their best everyday!


Full transparency I post my full Pricing list on my website for everybody to see. If you can’t afford it go find somebody cheaper. No hard feelings. Best of luck!

Coach Mitch


·       1-11 - Sessions $125/session

·       12-35 - Sessions $112

·       36-71 - Sessions $100

·       72+ - $85


·       1-11 - Sessions $85/session

·       12-35 - $75

·       36-71 - $70

·       72+ - $60

Membership = $79/month (month to month, must give 1-month notice for cancellations)


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