Finding consistency during the summer in the gym…

Finding consistency during the summer in the gym…


So how do you do it? The patios are open, couple extra beers on the golf course, summer vacation, not to mention Stampede week here in Calgary Alberta. How can I stay on track? Stay consistent with my workouts and even just maintain my goals during these tough summer months? Well as a 20-year trainer I have seen many succeed and many fail during this tough time. I personally have a tougher time staying accountable to my régime and maintaining my goal body fat % when the weather is nice and but there are some tricks myself and my clients use to beat the heat!



Treat your workout as an appointment that is non-negotiable. You do not miss appointments and this one appointment should be scheduled over every other one. I get a lot of people in the summer months tell me they must miss workouts for dinners or events. If you know you have something coming up the next day. Reschedule your workout. This may mean you have to wake up a little earlier to get it in, but missing your workout and adding on that 1,000-2,000Kcal at the end of your day should be the last thing you want to do. Holding yourself accountable will breed success in anything you do. Consistency is KING when it comes to building the body you want and if you’re inconsistent with your self-negotiation then expect to have inconsistent results.



Embrace the Summer!

Run outside, hit the stairs, go for a bike ride, hike, do a swim workout, etc… Have fun with this. Working out or being active doesn’t and shouldn’t be boring or the same every time. If you can take advantage of your climate do so. In the summer I will do a lot more running, because I hate running on a treadmill, but don’t mind it as much on a trail where I can people watch. Or sprints at the track. I go on more hikes and bike rides in the mountains during the summer, whereas in the winter I spend my active recovery days snowboarding or playing hockey. Mixing up your routine is a good thing! Embrace the summer months to try new things and take your fitness to the next level.



Overindulging is very common during these months. How many times have you heard, coming out for drinks tonight after work? or stay for 1 more drink? It’s such a nice night, I’ve eaten too much at the cabin on holidays, or I shouldn’t have cooked that full rack of ribs. Moderation is your best friend. There is no harm in going out for a beer, dinner or cooking family feasts of lobster dripped in butter with endless muscles while you drink beer at the cabin (my favorite) You just can’t do it all the time or better, yet you can’t do it to excess. Know your limit and match that with your goals. Tell your friends you must wake up early for a workout, you don’t need that extra piece of cake or give yourself 20 min to feel full before going and grabbing another plate. I try to eat solely for fuel so if I’m on holidays and know it’s going to be a relaxing day, I know I’m not going to need as much food. This does take practice and a lot of trial & error, but if you can get to the point, you will enjoy your hard body!


With these 3 tips I feel most people can maintain a summer body that they should be proud of and embrace taking their shirt off at the beach or pool rather than covering up all the hard work they put in during the winter months. If you work so hard all winter, just to reset your goals again in the fall every year you are doing something wrong. Implement these 3 tips into your life and take control of your life and body.


So, enjoy the summer weather, enjoy your holidays, don’t miss workouts, take advantage of the outdoors, and everything in moderation!


Thank me later!

Coach Murph


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